John Nettles might be returning for a special anniversary episode of the hit series Midsomer Murders, but that’s not all he has on his place right now! The actor has been having a very busy time, and Channel 5 has confirmed that he is set to narrate their upcoming documentary Devon and Cornwall season five, which kicks off on Friday 27 May. 

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The star, who has also appeared in Poldark, narrates alongside plenty of uplifting stories from contributors, and it sounds like the perfect thing for a Friday night.

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So what can you expect from tuning in? The official synopsis reads: “As millions of holidaymakers headed to England’s southwest in search of sandy beaches, surf and sunshine this summer, the new series of Devon and Cornwall returns to spend time with the people who call these amazing counties home.

“From farmers and fishermen to artisans and adventurers, this series takes us from heather-clad moors to golden sandy beaches to celebrate more of the people who live and work in these proud counties.”

Will you be tuning in?

John lives in Cornwall, and previously opened up about it was certainly handy for filming Poldark. He said: “The Poldark role was quite appealing because I thought well it’s kind of shot in Cornwall and I could fall out of bed in the morning I’ll be on the set in half an hour and then they went and shot it at Berkley Castle in Gloucestershire, which is 1,000 miles way! But that was great fun after a fashion.

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“‘Back in the early 70s I worked with Robin Ellis who played the original Poldark, a lovely, gentle, kind man and he was actually in this present series playing a judge or something like that , but I missed him unfortunately. In my early days he was very, very kind to me because I was a boy up from Cornwall and I didn’t know my [expletive] from my elbow frankly but he had been around for quite a while and sort of took me under his wing really and taught me the ropes.” 

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