Strictly Come Dancing is straight up our favourite thing about the weekend. We love everything about it – the moves, the drama, and of course, the sequins.

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And back in 2019, we caught up with the show’s co-host Tess Daly, who gave us an insight into what goes on in the wardrobe department regarding the elaborate costumes… and we think it may surprise you!

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Speaking at the launch of BT Beyond Limits campaign which was launched at Wembley Arena, Tess explained: “The dancers have all sorts of incredible, invisible body suits sewed in underneath those costumes that you don’t see –  and they are there to hold everything in place.

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“For example, the men’s shirts have like bodice sewn into them that fasten underneath like body. It’s almost like a Spanx leotard underneath the shirt, that keeps the shirt in place.”

Tess lifted the lid on Strictly’s wardrobe secrets

The blonde beauty went on to reveal: “For example, if a guy on the show does the rumba, you have to think about the amount of activity he’s doing – it’s so very energetic. Also there’s routines on the floor so they are sewn in.

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“There’s lots going on underneath the costume that you don’t see on top, to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions because obviously there’s a lot of movement going on. There’s like a scaffolding going on underneath that we don’t see!”

The male dancers wear body-style suits to keep everything inplace when they are dancing

The mother-of-two is always blown away by how hard the wardrobe team work. “The wardrobe department are amazing. I mean, I saw Nadiya’s zip break on her dress before she went live [once], and they were sewing her in as she was going up the stairs – it’s incredible.

“I take my hat off to them, because they work so hard and they make so many costumes during a live show even, they make it look easy.”